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Family Planning Center: Getting Started You’re Having a Baby!

by California

In the mind of a person, all these words are connected, and these invisible threads lead us through life, forcing us to act sometimes in a way that we don’t want to.

Even 20 years ago, family planning centers were spoken of with a smile, but in the middle of the last century there were no such institutions at all. Women gave birth to themselves, raised children and, in principle, no one really thought about whether a child was born on time or not, whether people are ready to be parents, what they would like to receive from their children “on the balance”, and so on.

Now it’s a completely different matter, young people, when getting married, sometimes think about children, and the word “family” is some kind of ephemeral concept. Family is dad, mom and child or something else? And if there are no children in the family, this is no longer a family? The family planning center deals with problems that are not solved by young people in their families of origin, so the presence of psychologists in such centers is necessary and mandatory. Of course, the centers solve medical problems, ranging from examining future fathers and mothers, ending with the birth of a baby, but their main task is still not in this.

Are young people ready to have children – this is the main task of family planning centers. Wise grandmothers used to say that if children are not born in a family, then God does not give, then the time has not come. No need to panic, you just need to patiently wait and pray for the appearance of a child. Modern young people are far from such ideas, and I do not stand up for God’s help in family matters. Although help would not hurt, only not from God, but from the state, since the birth rate of healthy children in our country is getting closer and closer to “absolute zero”. Not too healthy moms and dads are trying to “have a baby” not because they want to be parents and be responsible for their child, but only because it’s “as it should be” that families should have children.

But a child is not a flower in a flower bed that is watered by rain or a watering machine, it makes no difference to him. For a child, parents become the standard of life, and this standard is formed when the child is still in the womb. And if the expectant mother is more concerned about the issue of life support than the life education of the child, then we get a baby who will “push his elbows” into the elite all his life, where there is even manna from heaven.

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