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A few years ago, it was possible to state the success of sales of two cars very close in size and cost – Skoda Octavia and Mitsubishi Carisma. What does Carisma have to do with it, you ask. The fact is that the new and significantly “grown up” Mitsubishi Lancer is its potential successor.

A strange couple to show off the relationship – a seven-year-old “old woman” Octavia against a one-year-old thug Lancer. It would seem that if you want to evaluate the progress of the new generation, compare Lancer and Carisma, however, we have already conducted pair tests with the participation of the Lancer sedan more than once, I would like to try the Lancer station wagon as well. But there is no such body in the Carisma range, and I had to take the Skoda Octavia Combi as a partner for the Lancer station wagon. Yes, of course, the second generation Octavia with a hatchback body has already debuted at the spring Geneva show and will appear at Russian dealers sometime in the summer, but the new Octavia Combi will be presented to the public only in a year, and until then the first generation station wagon will be produced. If you decide to buy a car with borrowed funds, you can submit an online loan application by visiting the myfins website

Outwardly, both station wagons have unpretentiousness and modesty in common.

Slightly more angular and Lancer looks more modern, mainly due to lighting technology. In contrast, the Octavia offers a slightly less fashionable, but more refined look, which, in our opinion, is less subject to obsolescence.

Almost everything about the exterior design can be attributed to the interior design of both cars. Octavia belonging to the Volkswagen concern is clear at first glance at the front panel – a classic cut without a hint of originality, expensive finishing materials, the highest quality of workmanship and assembly. Critics call it all boring and cite the same Mitsubishi Lancer as an example, the interior design of which successfully combines originality, conciseness with high workmanship.

No doubt, the interior of this “Japanese” is worthy of praise at least for the fact that he was able to compare with the level of Octavia – one of the best examples of the corporate style and quality of “Volkswagen”.

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