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Why diamonds are so attractive to girls

by California

Diamonds are called polished diamonds. Diamond is the hardest substance that can be found in nature. It is worth noting that unstable stones have great attractive power for girls than faceted. The attractiveness of diamonds for girls may be explained by the fact that in it she finds those qualities that cannot find in a person. According to folk beliefs, Almaz can give a person luck, courage, and also protects from witchcraft, sadness, illness, wounds, evil spirits. Diamond also protects motherhood, gives virtue, protects against the evil eye.

In general, to wear diamonds, pendants, necklaces, rings with diamonds and other jewelry are used. Покупка алмаза представляет собой довольно сложную операцию, так как в таком случае существует большая вероятность обмана. If you decide to give your girlfriend diamonds, you should trust the companies that are members of the Diamond Chamber of Russia. In addition, such a company must have a registered certificate of the seller, and a certificate must be attached to the diamond, which indicates its characteristics. Be sure to check the diamond for compliance with this certificate.

As a talisman, a diamond is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. However, in this case, it must go to the owner in an honest way, otherwise, all properties will be lost. It is worth noting that a stolen diamond, unlike a donated or bought one, brings only misfortunes. Even if such a diamond does not have time to get used to its owner, misfortunes will be passed on to children or grandchildren.

However, the best way to bring out the full power of a diamond is to give it as a gift. If a girl buys herself a diamond, the stone will have to get used to her for nine years, and it will be possible to wear it once a month. So don’t forget the girls and give them diamonds.

However, a diamond differs from other stones not only in its supernatural properties. The diamond has unusual optical properties. For its properties, the diamond was nicknamed the king of stones. At all times, diamonds have given women some confidence and status. Diamonds adorned great women, simple women, but girls felt much more attractive and confident with them.

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