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Types of car suspension.

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During the movement of the car, each of its parts performs the function assigned to it. The engine generates energy, thanks to which the car starts to move, the transmission transmits torque from the engine to the wheels of the car, the body protects the car from external factors. One of these, it should be emphasized, very important nodes is the car suspension. The suspension of the car is divided into two types: independent and dependent. The main task of the suspension is to ensure the coupling of the car with the road, and the repayment of vibration received from shocks when it hits uneven sections of the track. Thanks to the work of the suspension, the car acquires softness and smoothness, increases the convenience and comfort of driving. Dependent suspension is different in that both of its wheels are rigidly connected together, with one solid metal beam. In the event that one wheel of a vehicle with a rigid suspension hits an obstacle and changes its angle relative to the roadway, the second wheel changes its angle of inclination in the same way as the first. An independent suspension is fundamentally different in that both of its wheels are not interconnected by a single beam, and when one wheel runs into any obstacle, at which its angle of inclination changes, this does not cause any changes in the position of the second wheel. Also, the components of the suspension include springs and shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are hydraulic and gas. Their task is to absorb vibrations received by the car body through the suspension from the roadway. Also, the suspension includes a car stability stabilizer, which helps the suspension work when the car makes turns, and presses the wheels to the road surface in case they “separate” from it. We wish you good luck. Residential eco-complex in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg – this modern comfort-class residential complex is being built at the intersection of Pulkovskoye Highway and Dunaisky Prospekt. Are you interested in a bargain price?? Details on the site:

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