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Finishing a wooden house

by California

Today country houses are in fashion. Many people prefer wood to all building materials. What do you say? Therefore, in wooden houses it is so cozy and calm. If the house is built from processed logs, then outwardly it is very attractive, no finishing work is required. It will be enough to treat the wood with special compounds (antiseptics), and then neither excess moisture nor harmful insects are afraid of him. And if you also treat it with flame retardants, then the fire resistance will increase. If the house was built from a wooden beam, then it looks unfinished, and in a year the question will arise about its exterior finish. Why in a year? This time is necessary for the final shrinkage of the house to occur.So, what are the possible options for finishing? One of the possible ways is plastering. The advantage of this method is the ease of implementation, the minus is that cracks will appear on the surface, because wood is a living material, depending on the humidity, it may vary somewhat in volume.Even for finishing houses, lining is often used – a special board for wall cladding. The price is quite low and the quality is acceptable. One thing is bad – the material is not moisture resistant, if you do not find high-quality, well-dried, regular tightening cannot be avoided. The lining, by the way, can be painted and varnished.

Varieties of lining.

One of the types of lining – block house. This is a finishing board that has a rounded shape on the front side and imitates a rounded log. The house, lined with a block house, looks solid and of high quality. It is not difficult to fix such boards, they have thorn-groove joints on the sides. In addition, the boards have special grooves on the inside, which greatly improves ventilation. The block house appeared on the construction market not so long ago, but is in great demand in suburban construction. Much depends on what kind of wood the lining is made of. Both conifers and hardwoods will go for exterior decoration. But still, expensive types of wood look much more spectacular. Oak – a material unique in strength, but very expensive. But larch is an incredibly durable tree, moreover, it is completely not subject to decay. Cedar – noble strong wood, does not rot, but due to limited felling, the cost is very high. But if the price does not bother you, you can order a lining made of either mahogany or a rare merbau tree.

siding use.

Recently, siding has been widely used for cladding houses – these are wall panels that are fastened together with special locks. As a result of a fairly simple installation, the facade acquires an attractive appearance, and for a long time, because other undoubted advantages of siding are durability and moisture resistance. There is vinyl, metal and wood siding. All of them are somewhat different from each other in their properties and capabilities. Metal siding can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°С to +70°С. Vinyl siding can imitate the texture of any wood or stone, while it is not subject to corrosion, has a low cost, low weight, and its service life is up to 50 (!) years.Finishing materials such as artificial or natural stone will help to give the house a finished look. I usually use them for facing the foundation, because stone is a very strong and durable material, which means that a good appearance will be provided for a long time.

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