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How to save on customs payments. Volkswagen.

by California

August 26, 2013 | 9:23

Currently, depending on the age, type and volume of the car engine, as well as its customs value, for some items there are differences in customs duties for legal entities and individuals. Therefore, with the right choice of vehicle purchase option, you have the opportunity to significantly save your money. In the examples below, we will show you that by choosing the right option for buying a car, you actually save a significant amount of your money. If you yourself cannot deal with customs tariffs and choose the right option for buying a car, our employees are always ready to help you and make the necessary choice, as well as advise on other equally important issues. Our employees will professionally approach any of your questions. Affordable to buy original . Optimal prices. Visit the website When is the best time to buy a car directly from a German company?. In some cases, it is beneficial for legal entities and the end buyer who purchase a vehicle for their own purposes to buy a car directly from a German company, which will make it possible to avoid the extra costs associated with making a purchase through intermediaries. All individuals in Belarus are also recommended to purchase a car directly from a German company. Usually, buying a vehicle from a German company is essential when the car is from three to five years old, since in the process of customs clearance at physical. a person does not depend on the customs duty on the estimated value of the car (regardless of the type and size of the engine); Savings Example 1: You purchase a vehicle that is between three and five years old and has a total engine capacity of 1,700cc. cm. The estimated value of such a car is 15,000 €. When making a purchase directly from a German company, the fee for you is calculated as for an ordinary individual – by engine size – 2.5 € per 1 cubic meter. cm., which equals 4250€. When buying through AutoTradeRoyal LLC, the duty for a legal entity is equal to 35% of the customs value of the purchased car, but not less than 2.15 € per 1 cubic meter.cm., plus VAT 20% of the total amount of the customs value and duty of this car, which, in our case, is equal to 10300€. The difference is about 6.550€.

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