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Is it possible to do without expensive body repairs?

by California

Expensive body repairs often have to be done due to a slight damage to the paint layer. It can be a chip or scratch, while the base – plastic, metal – is slightly affected. Previously, in such cases, motorists were offered only full coloring of the entire part. Such repairs are time-consuming, the exact selection of paint is a difficult task that requires skill and skill. Therefore, an alternative method that allows you to restore only damaged areas was immediately adopted by many craftsmen. How is car painting done?? To successfully complete the task, you need a car varnish that is as accurately matched to the main color as possible. Some experts can do it “by eye”, sorting through dozens of seemingly identical shades. But most often a computer-based selection of paint for a car is made, which allows you to achieve complete similarity. Then proceed directly to the preparation of the surface for repair. Care should be taken to minimize the appearance of new damage to the paintwork. For this purpose, paintless dent removal technology is often used. Often after this, it remains only to restore a layer of varnish in place of a deep scratch. If necessary, after straightening, the repaired area is processed in the usual way – using sandpaper and putty. After that, a layer of material is applied, which increases the adhesion of the old coating to the new one. Next – painting in several layers. The thickness of each of them evenly decreases towards the edges of the damage. Then the surface is varnished, also in several layers, gradually reducing the viscosity of the applied varnish. As a result, they achieve that the new coating merges with the main one without traces of the transition. The lacquer is finally dried, polished, which achieves the maximum similarity of neighboring areas. As a result, it is almost impossible to find the place where the local body painting was carried out. Only real craftsmen can guarantee high quality, so you need to choose them meticulously. “Garage craftsmen” are unlikely to cope with the work, it is difficult for them to achieve a 100% result without the appropriate equipment. It is better to contact a reputable car service that has been operating for a long time, has high-class specialists and a good reputation. Are you interested in competitive prices?? Details on the website: avtoshina

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