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Lighting of warehouse complexes with industrial LED lamps L-Industry

by California

The first three are quite enough to imagine how diverse the configuration, purpose, equipment and, of course, lighting of each type of warehouse complexes. Regarding lighting, the difference is observed both in the equipment – that is, the lamps themselves used – and in the features of installation and operating conditions.

However, there are regulatory requirements for warehouse lighting. They are based on scientific research on the physiology of human vision, the features of its perception, as well as other areas of science and technology. First of all, of course, the quality of lighting is taken into account: it should be bright enough (but not blinding), contrasting (to clearly distinguish objects), with a high color rendering index. On the other hand, an important parameter will be the cost-effectiveness of the installed lighting, the manufacturability of installation, operating costs.

L-industry LED lights were developed taking into account all these and many other important parameters specifically for illuminating industrial and storage facilities-that is, those that have large areas, high ceilings, strict requirements for the level of illumination and safety. Various types of these lamps are produced by power, installation method, purpose.

When choosing LED lamps for a particular warehouse, it is necessary to take into account the type of warehouse: open or closed. Open warehouses, as a rule, have a large area, so their lighting is mainly performed by powerful spotlights. Determine the location and direction of light from each spotlight, for which, of course, a special project is needed. Closed warehouses usually contain racks for stored products, or storage facilities are placed directly on the floor. In any case, the luminaires are installed in such a way that the largest possible area falls under their radiation: between racks or in the aisles between rows of products. For any type of warehouse, a preliminary design is required with all lighting calculations so that the lighting installation is carried out with the greatest possible rationality. Then LED lamps will be more economical in terms of installation: fewer of them will be required, and there will be no need to correct errors.

The lighting of warehouse complexes is practically the same as the lighting of industrial enterprises: similar types of lamps and fixtures are used here, similar requirements and standards. Therefore, it becomes quite possible to use industrial LED luminaires, the characteristics of which correspond to the requirements for lighting any type of warehouse.

Energy saving. LED lamps create a bright and high-quality luminous flux, while consuming very little electricity. As a result, the financial costs of lighting are reduced – and hence the costs of storing warehouse products. Electricity is consumed at least three times less, and a reduction in energy consumption by 12 times is achieved.

High quality light. The light radiation is contrasting, its spectrum is close to solar, it has a high level of color rendering.

Safety. L-Industry luminaires have a high IP65 safety rating, which means they are resistant to even dust (not to mention larger contaminants) and are protected from water jets and rain.

Ability to work long term. The service life of a high-quality LED reaches 100 thousand hours – and this is more than 11 years with continuous operation.

Reliability. LED luminaires do not contain electrodes, are not subject to power surges, so they do not require maintenance and replacement of lamps.

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