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Italian cuisine dish

by California

One of the classic dishes of Italian cuisine, of course, spaghetti, along with pizza, this is the first thing that pops up in our memory when we mention Italian cuisine. And although the recipe for spaghetti carbonar is probably difficult to call truly classic and old, because it arose only in the middle of the last century, after the end of the World War, it immediately became very popular.

The main components of the spaghetti carbonar spaghetti recipe are bacon, cheese, eggs and spaghetti themselves. The main thing in this recipe is the sauce – delicate, homogeneous, saturated. And here is the main difficulty how to achieve this, because very often the sauce is obtained with lumps, too fat and dense, far from the real sauce of the carbonar.

The main secret of the carbonar is the correct proportion of the main components of the dish.

The basis of the carbonar sauce is eggs, but there should not be not too much, in this case, the sauce will come out with liquid, and if there is not enough, then dry. Optimal combination: Three eggs on half a pound of spaghetti. The next step in cooking is the right choice of cheese, it takes about a glass, already grated. Traditionally, Italians choose pecorino romano, with a tart, harsh taste. If a softer option is closer to you, then you can add another cheese to pecorino, for example, parmigiano reggiano.

There is a version of the carbonara recipe in America, where, among other things, cheese is added to the sauce, but the Italians consider this unnecessary and cream is not included in the classic recipe.

But with bacon, in this case, a completely different story. After frying, bacon acquires a delicate taste and a wonderful crispy crust, the dish acquires the desired consistency and a slight aroma of smoking. Italians add a special kind of pork, guanchile, pork cheek, which can only be bought in the homeland of spaghetti carbonara. Therefore, classic bacon is a quite possible and worthy replacement for Italian guanchile.

Most of the controversy surrounding the preparation of spaghetti carbonara is about the possibility of adding wine to the sauce. If you like to experiment in the kitchen and decide to try this variation, then our advice is to add wine to the bacon during frying, dry white is best and about half a glass. Otherwise, there is nothing complicated in cooking spaghetti carbonara! To spaghetti, always very hot, add mixed eggs and cheese, then fried bacon. And now the spaghetti carbonara is ready. Don’t waste time, eat them right away. Enjoy your meal!

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