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Making the Most of the Jeep, Part 1

by California

According to popular wisdom, “the cooler the jeep, the farther to follow the tractor”. This can be explained by the fact that SUV owners almost never think about how they can profitably use all-wheel drive. New motorists can watch spectacular test drives (it is important to note that they are conducted by experienced drivers), believe in impunity, after which they get into modern cars with the inscription 4 * 4 … And only after that, newly minted motorists remember folk wisdom. This may be a real reason to reflect on the current situation. Be sure to think about which drive will be best for you. The fact is that it can be permanent or plug-in. With permanent drive, everything is easier because it is always on. If the SUV is with a plug-in drive, then there is a risk of getting into unpleasant situations. For example, you can forget to turn on the four-wheel drive and get stuck in the mud if the potential is not properly used. If the drive is connected, then it is important to remember that you need to move the lever to a certain position, then get out of the car and turn on special “hubs” on the wheels. It is advisable to carry out this procedure in advance, since you will not want to go into the mud too much. Sometimes the driver remembers this nuance too late. What to do if a reduced range of gears is provided? In this situation, the transition should be performed only after you have left the asphalt. Thanks to this, you can move on difficult terrain smoothly and confidently, as the driver will be able to dispose of a significant supply of torque. Make sure that the ride should be smooth and even. If you suddenly press the gas pedal, then this will mean that you need to “dig here”. Each car has enough power to carry out the command. The company OAO Telecompaniya St. Petersburg Cable Television (TKT) was founded in 2001, since 2003 it has been part of the National Cable Networks holding and today is a leading player in the telecommunications market of the Northern capital. Our company is the owner of the largest cable television network in St. Petersburg, which covers all areas of the city and suburbs (Krasnoe Selo, Lomonosov, Kolpino, Kronstadt, Pushkin, Strelna). You can learn more about it on the website: spb.tvoe.tv

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