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Minibuses UAZ – comfortable transportation.

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UAZ is a leading domestic manufacturer of buses and cars. His “homeland” is Ulyanovsk. It is in this city that the auto industry occupies a special place. A huge number of models and brands left the assembly line of this enterprise. The Ulyanovsk plant produces only a small class of buses, popularly referred to as minibuses.

UAZ-452V is a bright representative of this category. It was released in 1967, had four-wheel drive and could carry about 10 passengers. UAZ-2206 – designed for 11 people. Sufficiently powerful and comfortable model, which has low fuel consumption. UAZ-22069 – has an increased engine capacity, increased ground clearance, as well as increased cross-country ability. The maximum speed of the bus is 115 km/h. UAZ-3165 – accommodates 13 passengers. Maximum vehicle speed 145 -160 km/h.

The choice of bus model depends on the destination and the expected number of passengers, if the “maximum” program is the basis, then you should pay attention to the maximum capacity bus.

Buying COMZ for transporting people is not difficult. A lot of offers exist in the automotive market, but before buying, you should familiarize yourself not only with the pricing policy, but also study all the features of the selected model, brand. The author’s website will help to study the proposals in full, evaluate their financial capabilities. Here UAZ is sold not only with mileage, but also new buses.

From this stream, you should choose exactly what you need. No need to succumb to persuasion, as well as constant psychological tricks by the seller. Determining your purpose is an important thing for a successful purchase. No need to rush from one manufacturer to another. You can avoid this by studying all the reviews and weaknesses of cars.

The next criterion is the price. Too low – indicates the poor quality and condition of the car, even domestic models with improper care and operation can be brought to a “deplorable” state. High cost can also be “sham”.

Used cars often have some kind of defects and malfunctions that will need to be fixed. Who will deal with their liquidation should be decided before buying. Paperwork can also be paid for by one party or divided in half – all these factors are decided individually and by mutual agreement.

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