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Paper wallpapers for walls, paper wallpapers online store

by California

Paper wallpaper is a rather ancient finishing material. They came to Europe from China in the second millennium. In ancient China, their manufacture began as early as 200 BC.uh., after rice paper was invented.

And although in our time the choice of finishing materials is so large that the eyes run wide, paper wallpapers have not lost their relevance, because along with the disadvantages, they also have quite significant advantages. Therefore, before you go shopping, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this finishing material, so to speak, closer. By the way, you can buy paper wallpapers for walls in Moscow in the Gigiba online store, where their choice is quite large, and the collection is regularly updated.

Well, more on that later, but for now, let’s talk a little about the wallpaper itself.

Let’s start with the negative side – with the disadvantages, then move on to the advantages and finish them with varieties.


Practically ideal materials do not exist, and even the most upscale necessarily have at least minor flaws. But, since today we decided to talk only about paper wallpaper, we will consider what the disadvantages of them are:

one. fragility.

Yes, of course, paper wallpapers wear out quickly, especially in places of frequent contact, one of which can be called a light switch. Sofas and armchairs close to the wall can also cause damage to wall coverings.

Given in the sun.

Most species do not tolerate moisture.

2. Difficulty in gluing.

In general, this point is more likely to be inexperienced in construction and repair to people. Since, if you take into account certain nuances during the work, then these difficulties can be easily avoided.

The first problem is that paper wallpaper quickly soaks. We must catch that golden mean to gluing, when the wallpaper has already saturated enough, but have not yet been hopelessly wetted.

The second problem is if the wallpaper is single -layer, then more careful preparation of the surface will be required, since all the irregularities will be visible.


Low price. This is perhaps the main trump card of this type of wallpaper. You can verify this by visiting an online wallpaper store in Moscow. Of course, the cost of paper wallpapers is significantly different from other types of wallpaper. It will be cheaper. People who are constantly looking for and loving change, most often do not bother with expensive newfangled coatings. They acquire precisely paper, which have so many varieties that they will satisfy the demand of even the most exquisite buyer. Adherents of paper wallpaper are often families in which kids grow up. The baby grows and changes, and with it the world surrounding him changes, in particular his close environment – the decoration of his room. Well, tell me, did anyone have to avoid such a situation when once entering the baby’s room, they suddenly discovered the most wonderful masterpieces of a young artist, made in a pencil or felt -tip pen. If at that time you had paper wallpaper on the walls – I envy you. I will share my story. Once waiting for guests, we made repairs. The children were pushed by the most beautiful non -woven wallpaper. Then they were just starting to go on sale. A wonderful discreet pink color, almost merging with the background. And the case was on the eve of March 8. Guessed? Of course, my princess could not leave her mother without attention on such a holiday. Apparently she tried for a long time, because on the wall, in the most visible place, at the height of her raised arms, in addition to a beautiful flower, the number 8 was also carefully molded … from green plasticine. Perhaps the work would not have ended with this if I had not entered the room in time. What can you do? Child! Therefore, the mother had to be sincerely happy and kiss her daughter. And already some time after that, to carry out a long educational work))) However, let’s return to our topic – the merits of paper wallpaper.

Environmental friendliness. A very important factor. If you care about the health of your household, then paper wallpaper is a good choice. Paper wallpapers – breathable wallpapers!

Diverse design. In this indicator, it is unlikely that any other wallpaper can be privileged over paper. To date, there are a huge number of species and varieties. By the way, the Russian manufacturer is not asleep and has become a worthy competitor to imported products of this type. So go to the Gigiba online store, their new collection will pleasantly surprise you not only with variety, but also with an inexpensive price.

Paper wallpapers and their varieties

If you still think that paper wallpapers are primitive, then you are very mistaken. Remember how in the movie “Girls” Tosya Kislitsyna told how many dishes can be prepared from ordinary potatoes. The older generation will surely remember this movie. That’s about the same number of varieties of wallpaper can be made from plain paper. Although perhaps more.

Let’s start:

Single layer.

Double-layer or, as they are also called duplex. Well, here the name speaks for itself.

moisture resistant. 2 or more layers. The top layer is impregnated with a special chemical. They can be wiped with a damp cloth. Or you can paste over the kitchen and even the bathroom, they will not become sour from moisture.

embossed. Look quite expensive and original.

Coated. More often it is a brilliant coating, it looks good in sunny weather and when illuminated – it plays and sparkles in different colors. Hotel, hall, bedroom will look very rich and even pretentious. Having pasted such wallpapers, you will be able to pleasantly surprise your friends with your originality.

Well, that’s probably all. So, if you have become a happy owner of a new apartment and an apartment or it’s time to start repairing your old one – go for it!

And the consultants of the paper wallpaper store in Moscow “Gigiba” will help you choose the necessary wallpaper and glue. Through the Internet, you can order goods with home delivery on their website gigiba. I would like to add that in the catalog of the store you can find wallpapers from manufacturers from various countries – Germany, Belgium, England, the USA, etc. All goods are certified and only the highest quality.

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