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Snowdrifts and cars

by California

Sometimes, in winter, situations occur when, due to the fact that the snow in the yards is poorly removed, the car gets into a snowdrift. Firstly, it should be remembered that when winter comes, it is necessary to equip your car with a special shovel.

Secondly, before overcoming a snowdrift, you should think about whether it may be possible to go around it. If the car is equipped with front-wheel drive, then you need to try to find an opportunity to overcome the snowdrift with the rear wheels, that is, moving backward. In this case, the front, driving wheels will be on a hard surface and will be able to push the car out of the snowdrift. If this is not possible, and the car is already trapped, it does not hurt to get out of the car and assess the situation. If there is a shovel, with its help you need to try to free the drive wheels from snow, if there is no shovel, you need to use any available items. Alternatively, you can put pieces of wood or some planks under the wheels. You can try to melt the snow with some liquids, for example, pour glass washer fluid under the wheels. If it is impossible to find any objects at all, you can put mats from the passenger compartment under the wheels. After overcoming a snowdrift, it does not interfere with taking them back to the salon, before that, of course, they need to be well shaken out of the snow. You need to get out of the snowdrift with smooth movements, as if rocking the car back and forth. If possible, you can relieve the pressure in the tires a little, then it will become much easier to get out of the snowdrift. If you press too hard on the gas, you can simply deepen the rut, from which it will be much more difficult to get out. If the car got into a knurled track, it is quite difficult to get out of it. In this case, it is necessary to move along its main axis. To get out of such a rut, you need to shift to a lower gear and reduce your speed.

If you try to leave the rut at high speed, you can enter the car into a skid, or into a sharp turn, which can lead to an emergency.

If you carelessly leave the rut, such an unpleasant situation can happen when the front wheels (if they are driving) get out of the rut, and the rear wheels get stuck in the position in which they were originally. In this case, you need to try to get out of the rut with smooth movements, build up, if this does not help, you need to call a tow truck for help. You can view the price list for towing services on the Avtosos website

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