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Rear view camera – ALPINE HCE – C300R

by California

Recommended price: 22 530 r. Class: Absolute

Disadvantages of conventional cameras

It would seem that you can come up with something new for the rear view camera? You turn on the reverse gear, the monitor switches to the signal from it – everything is simple. But, as practice shows, in this situation, driving a bumper into a neighboring car or pushing a gaping pedestrian passing by is a couple of trifles. And all because a conventional camera cannot provide control of zones outside the angle of its view. You can, of course, simply increase this angle, but using a camera that gives a too “lens” picture will become extremely inconvenient.

warning system

The problem of dead zones is gracefully solved in the HCE – C300R camera. Actually, this is its main feature, over which the Alpine developers fought for so long. When an object moves in the controlled zone, a low but noticeable buzzer starts to sound, and arrows appear on the screen indicating where this object is approaching from. For example, you drive out of a tight parking lot and for some time you cannot see what is happening to the right and left of the car. Atam may be a pedestrian or another vehicle passing by. Alpine detects and warns of any such movement, even if the object itself has not yet entered the camera’s field of view. Thus, the camera will relieve you of the need to constantly look around the mirrors, controlling areas that do not fall into the field of view of the camera.

Picture modes

In addition to the normal 120-degree camera mode, you can select a 190-degree camera mode. Moving through such a picture is not very convenient, but this mode can be used for a general assessment of what is happening behind the car. Such a wide camera angle made it possible to supplement the system with two more interesting modes. In the first one, the screen is divided into two parts, and you can see what is happening to the right and left of the car, as if you have not one, but two cameras pointing in different directions. The second mode simulates a view from above, it is convenient to use it when reversing, for example, to high curbs. Additionally, the camera superimposes a color image of the “corridor” on the image, which can be used to estimate the distance to obstacles. One of the features of the system is the ability to configure it, thanks to which the camera can be placed not only at one specific height, but adapted to any car. Sale optimal. Look at the site

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