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Policeman hijacker arrested in St. Petersburg..

by California

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In St. Petersburg, a police hijacker was detained.

Colonel of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Central District of St. Petersburg will get what he deserves. A criminal case has been opened against him. According to Itar-Tass, he assembled and led a gang engaged in theft. Foreign cars became the object of crimes. The hijacking scheme was absolutely simple. Investigators say the 51-year-old “werewolf in uniform” led a gang that first stole keys from car owners. Then the cars themselves were stolen. Subsequently, the hijackers called their victims and, of course, offered to ransom their four-wheeled friend. It is noteworthy that the same colonel who organized the gang spoke to the victims who turned to the police on the fact of the theft. It was thanks to his participation that material evidence was destroyed more than once. Nevertheless, the St. Petersburg detectives still managed to unravel the theft case and figure out the “werewolf in uniform”. (one)

Why is this not a surprise to me? ?

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