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Risks and side effects of breast implants

by California

Having decided on the need for breast augmentation surgery, it is important to start by knowing about all the side effects and risks that may arise in connection with this operation. The main potential problems are implant leakage and breastfeeding difficulties. The majority of women who have breast implants are quite successful in breastfeeding their baby. However, some difficulties may arise. Therefore, you need to inform your surgeon that your future plans include breastfeeding. This fact may change the technique of performing the operation.

Since implants do not last forever, each of them has its own expiration date. They tend to tear, break, or deflate. Rupture can occur if there is a chest injury or the implant is already old enough. As a result, both the shape of the breast and its size will change. The quality of the gap will affect the result shown. If the resulting gap is small, then this will affect the chest after a long time.

It is important to remember that there is a risk of implant rupture during mammography. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to inform the specialist that there are implants in your breast. Then he will monitor the pressure exerted on the chest. It is known about 58 cases when it was the mammography procedure that provoked the rupture of the material. The only way to remove a damaged breast implant is through surgery. In place of the old implant, you can put a new one, but only smaller.

A plastic surgeon who is certified and experienced in breast augmentation will tell you in detail about what consequences and side effects you can expect after such an operation. Full compliance with all the recommendations of the doctor and, importantly, the choice of a competent specialist in the field of plastic surgery will help you avoid a sad result. Be sure to consult with a plastic surgeon before surgery. This is extremely important to you. It may be that you do not need the use of implants, and you decide only to slightly change the shape of the breast, thereby improving its appearance. The doctor will determine which solutions are most optimal in your case.

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