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Overtaking – a phenomenon in which the driver bypasses the vehicle in front. Often, in order to overtake, the driver has to enter the oncoming lane if the carriageway consists of two lanes. This is a certain risk and therefore every driver must adhere to certain rules. First of all, the driver must clearly decide for himself whether to overtake? If there is no firm confidence, then it is not worth overtaking. You should not overtake if the road surface is wet or the road is uneven, as this will lose traction and the car at this moment is less stable on the road. It is not advisable to overtake when driving at night, if you do not know the features of the road. The driver must always control the situation on the road, both in front and what is happening behind his car. You can not get too close to the car being overtaken, as the air flow left by it can greatly interfere with you. Overtaking requires some distance from the vehicle in front to be able to assess the situation ahead. Usually, overtaking occurs according to the standard scheme: the driver assesses the situation, turns on 3rd gear, then the left turn signal and starts to change lanes. Having come up with the overtaken turn signal should be turned off. If a car appears in the oncoming lane, then you need to slow down and return to your place. There are also options for overtaking on high -loading routes, but this is only for very experienced drivers. The principle is simple- When a window appears ahead, you need to start approaching it, moving in your strip, then, so calculate everything to go into the oncoming lane, at that moment when the oncoming transport crosses with your car. Then you need to sharply go into the oncoming lane and immediately go back. As for the situation when they overtake you, you just need to go as they were driving: do not slow down and not accelerate, otherwise you will mislead the driver who is overtaking. Be careful and try to foresee possible events. Correct driving is the basis of your safety and the safety of others. Founded in 1995, today our organization is one of the largest companies in St. Petersburg for the production of black and stainless steel, the production of metal structures and powder coating of metal products, as well as artistic forging. One of the main areas of the company’s work is metal bending.You can buy at affordable prices on the site:

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