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Seventh Golf. In the spirit of tradition.

by California

The new Golf surpasses its predecessor in almost every way. The hatchback has become larger, more expensive, more economical and more comfortable. But how did the developers manage to achieve such progress?? The creators of the seventh Golf decided to turn an ordinary hatchback into a comfortable car a class higher. But the dimensions had to be increased. This is the following explanation: now almost any update is accompanied by an increase in the size of the car. But the creation of a prestigious hatchback could hardly do without it. But let’s start with history. The first Golf was released back in 1974. At that time, this hatchback was popular, as, indeed, the brand. With each generation there was an improvement that turned the Golf from an inconspicuous hatchback into a prestigious car, which is the seventh generation. When comparing the ancestor of the class with the new generation, you can find huge differences in size. And this can not be called an accident, because the firstborn was the size of a Polo. But the native Golf is almost larger than the Bavarian “unit”. Outwardly the seventh generation is very reminiscent of the sixth. If you don’t look closely, then you can not distinguish them. However, when studying, you can notice large changes. Firstly, the front of the updated Golf looks more rapid and strict. It is immediately clear that the hatchback belongs, at least, to the middle class. The new Golf looks as spectacular as, for example, Passat. Secondly, behind the hatchback is not very similar to the predecessor. And if only because the back of the car looks strict. It rather resembles the new Seat Leon than the predecessor and, moreover, the rest of the Golf. But thanks to the small corner of the roof tilt, the trunk became roomy. Among other innovations, many options should be highlighted. Among them there are even unusual vehicles of this class equipment. This, for example, adaptive cruise control. For mass cars, this option is very rare. But the cost of a hatchback may not please you. Apparently, the new Golf will rise in price a lot, because such changes do not pass without changing the price list. For example, the price of the seventh Passat rose by six percent. And with the same change in cost, the price tag for the Golf will start from 600 thousand. You can find out where they are on the site:

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