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Advantages of prefabricated hangars

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After consideration by Russian construction companies of projects made using the latest Swedish technologies, they concluded that it was expedient to use such schemes to create prefabricated structures.Such high-speed hangar-type structures in terms of installation are currently gaining more and more popularity. This is justified by several factors. First, the low cost of materials is attractive. Using the method of frame construction, you can significantly reduce the cost of building any spacious premises – pavilions for trade, garages, agricultural complexes or other modular buildings. The pluses include the fact that it is possible to reduce the financing of the work of heavy equipment and the cost of foundation. This will significantly reduce the cost of the project. Low cost is also ensured by the ease of installation work. Such projects do not require obtaining a lot of permits, all production is automated. There is no need for regular repairs and any costly finishing work.Prefabricated structures of this type guarantee a long service life, which can last up to 100 years. This functionality is provided by a solid frame. This is achieved by its galvanization and treatment with special protective agents. The body is sheathed with panels, which in turn protect the structure from the damaging effects of the environment. Prefabricated hangars are based on environmentally friendly materials that have a waterproof property, and also resist decomposition and decay.

Construction from scratch.

The construction of such structures is carried out in accordance with certain rules. Hangar structures of this type are able to withstand seismic and dynamic loads, taking into account the fact that their value will not exceed 9 points on the Richter scale. Prefabricated structures comply with all established quality standards. Proper installation allows you to reduce the cost of finishing such a building, both inside and outside – the surface of the walls is smooth. It is possible to remove communications inside the walls so that they do not spoil the aesthetics. Thus, attention is drawn not only to strength and functionality, but also to the external characteristics of hangar structures.Prefabricated buildings are airtight, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs for heating such premises. As practice shows, structures of this kind are much warmer than buildings made of brick or concrete, provided that the walls are of the same thickness.In the role of another advantage is the different nature of such buildings. They can be capital with solid props, or they can be easily disassembled and provide mobility of the structure.

Prefabricated Technology.

The technology of pre-fabricated hangars, in addition to ease of installation during the initial installation, allows further completion with various modules without any difficulties. The accessibility of the installation is also ensured by the independence from the weather conditions of the environment. This is possible through the use of “dry” construction technology, in which solutions are not used.Prefabricated hangars are gaining popularity every day due to their operational and installation characteristics. This will eventually allow them to become a leader among similar designs.

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