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“The Bahrain Grand Prix will proceed as scheduled”

by California

The Bahrain Grand Prix remained through April despite opposition protests from a civil uprising against a minority that ruled in the Gulf Kingdom area.

Bernie Ecclestone staged a massive anti-government protest Tuesday in Manama as ‘a lot of kids go to the police’. The race was canceled last year due to


“I don’t think it will be anything serious,” Ecclestone was quoted in a local paper on Wednesday. “It doesn’t change our position in one way or another”.

“If people in Bahrain (government) say, ‘Look Bernie, it won’t end well for you if you come here,’ then I would think again. Here’s what they said last year.

Ecclestone noted that such crazy speeds develop at this Grand Prix that it even seems that the windshields made on the cars of the formula one of the triplex are bent inward from the headwind. By the way, a windshield for Toyota can be ordered on a website specializing in windshields for cars – http://www.autoglass-mkad.en/buy-repair-glass-Toyota.aspx

At least 40 people have been killed during a year of unprecedented political unrest in Bahrain. On Tuesday, police fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters to prevent them from regrouping on the outskirts of Manama city and march towards Pearl Square, the epicenter of last year’s opposition demonstrations.

“The FIA, like many in the diplomatic community in the kingdom, believes that staging a Grand Prix will be helpful in overcoming some of the difficulties Bahrain is going through,” the governing body said on Wednesday. “The FIA ​​is not in a position to influence political issues in sovereign countries like Bahrain and we can only wish success for a long-term peace settlement.

“A number of reforms have been adopted, while others are being experienced by legislation. We applaud this as much as the motorsport community we represent.”

The island of Bahrain, with 525,000 inhabitants, became the first country in the Middle East to win the Grand Prix in 2004 and hosts television broadcasts around the world, which are watched by about 100 million viewers in 187 countries.

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