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Turbo engine. Advantages, disadvantages.

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Everyone dreams of getting something out of thin air. It is on an engine with a turbine that you can get a good increase in power out of nothing. But are there any other advantages to the turbine? let’s consider. However, the increase in power will not be felt immediately. Usually good acceleration is felt at speeds above two and a half thousand. Since, due to the principle of operation of the turbine, only at these speeds does the turbine spin up due to exhaust gases. And at low speeds, the engine often lacks air. Because of what you have to constantly downshift when braking. But if a mechanical supercharger is installed along with the turbine, this simplifies life at low revs. But not all cars can boast of such an innovation. Modern turbocharged cars are now often equipped with a double supercharger. That is, a mechanical supercharger is installed, which has a belt drive from the crankshaft. Such an engine does not have a shortage of air, but operates in four modes, at speeds up to a thousand there is no injection, more than a thousand the mechanical supercharger is activated, over two and a half thousand a turbine is connected to the mechanical supercharger, and the turbine operates separately for more than three and a half thousand. The presence of double turbocharges also reduces the fuel consumption, since the same amount of gasoline is supplied more than the air, respectively, the mixture burns better, and as a result of not strong pressing the accelerator pedal, you can burn less fuel than the atmospheric engine. But you can burn and fuel increase. Indeed, for the promotion of the turbine, you need the pressure of exhaust gases, and they can only be obtained at good speeds. Respectively, the higher the speed, the greater the consumption. However, as already said, a double turbocharger engine will help this. Another minus of the turbine is its heating. The intercooler does not even really help in this. But the intercooler does not allow the turbine to overheat during extreme driving. In the turbine, the impeller and the turbine shaft are heated. Because of what drivers of such cars are advised not to jerk a car for five minutes after the trip. You can at favorable prices on the site:

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