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Log house – a new trend or everyday life

by California

More and more often, modern structures made of iron and concrete appear around us. They surprise and delight with their color, forms and lines. Square houses made of whole wood against the background of this fireworks of colors look ordinary and nondescript. But if we find ourselves in an expensive suburban cottage village or village and see stylish and beautiful wooden houses, we suspect their owners of huge costs. And, meanwhile, even less than a century ago, the houses of ordinary peasants and wealthy merchants, not excluding the kings themselves, were built from a whole tree. The last peasant went into the forest and in a few days with the help of neighbors chopped a house in which not only his family lived, but also the family of children, and often even grandchildren. Why were old traditions forgotten so quickly?? Of course, solid wood is not a very cheap material, but consider how long you will not have to fix or repair it. Built once and for all life. Moreover, more and more companies offer quite budgetary projects of log cabins that satisfy all requests. You can order projects of houses from a log cabin quite inexpensively. A wooden house does not require a large and heavy foundation. You can build it from foam blocks, pour a cement strip foundation, or even put the house on piles. Lightweight and durable – this is the characteristic of a wooden house. Cold floors scare – modern heaters at your service. Better yet, remember the old-fashioned way and pour clay with sawdust on the subfloor or just put hay. Warm, dry and mice do not live. The wooden house itself also does not require insulation. It is enough to lay the logs when assembling the log house with moss or a special tape and caulk the seams. Often the joints between the logs are decorated with a hemp rope or rope. Nice and not windy. Log houses can be decorated to your liking. The inner surface is often left intact after sanding to preserve the texture of the wood. It can be varnished, waxed or stained. Color it in the end. The outer walls of the house must be treated with a special agent against wood decay, and then painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Now about the roof. There are many types of roofs. Choose the one you like and cover it with any roof. Ruberoid is already out of use. It is being replaced by ondulin, metal profiles and soft roofs. Each coverage has its pros and cons – study them and choose the most suitable coverage for you. But ceramic tiles have been the best for many centuries. The option is far from budget, but if you have the opportunity, do not miss it. Any windows and doors, any bulkheads, many types of verandas and porches – all this allows a wooden house. Perhaps a wooden house is a canvas on which you can display all your dreams and desires. Just do not forget that this house is made of living material, and before you settle in it, you need to protect it from all adversity. To begin, hang a water drain from the roof. Do not let the water flow freely under your walls, as you know, it can also grind off a stone. In general, water is perhaps the biggest enemy of a wooden house. Fire can be controlled and rarely comes outside, but water in various forms around the house almost always. But do not despair: the pediments are larger, the indentations from the roof are longer, the drain and the blind area around the house, that’s all the wisdom. And if it starts to rot somewhere, replace one or two logs, it’s not difficult, the design is collapsible. Now all that’s left is to want to build a log house. Sit down and dream about how warm and cozy it will be for the whole family or friends to gather in it, drink hot tea and talk about everything in the world. Believe that this is quite real, you just have to approach the matter wisely, apply a little imagination and patience, and most importantly – love.

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