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US authorities are hiding about an interstellar object

by marusia

A meteorite from another solar system hit Earth back in 2014, but getting more information about it has proven challenging.

It’s been over a year since US government officials confirmed that the object that exploded over Papua New Guinea 9 years ago actually came from outside our solar system.

This mysterious space rock, measuring 0.45 meters across, entered our planet’s atmosphere at a speed of 200,000 kilometers per hour.

Given its trajectory and high speed, scientists are 99% convinced that it came from “the deep interior of a planetary system or a star in the thick part of the disk of the Milky Way galaxy.”

However, after confirmation, it was surprisingly difficult to obtain any additional information, primarily because the data on the fall was also received by the department responsible for tracking evidence of nuclear explosions, and therefore the information was classified.

Nearly a year after the US Space Command accidentally confirmed that scientists had correctly identified the first known interstellar object to land on our planet, mysterious difficulties still prevent public disclosure that the government is storing and hiding data related to an extraterrestrial visitor.

Last year, Motherboard sent a number of Freedom of Information Act requests to various agencies, as well as a request for additional information from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Back in January, the lab claimed “the problem is with the program office,” and then just this week, another report stated that “there were several difficulties that the NNSA field office at Los Alamos (NA-LA) would have to deal with and/ or laboratories.

What exactly the delay is remains unclear, as does any confirmation of when the requested information will be provided. In this regard, one can only guess and build conspiracy theories about why the US authorities are hiding information about the fall of the meteorite.

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