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What to do if your husband is cheating?

by California

Treason, like any other misfortune, people are incredibly afraid, secretly hoping that this problem will bypass them. But you can’t insure yourself against it, so when you suddenly have to face the fact of treason, many experience a real shock. Treason is equally difficult for both men and women.

But women still have a harder time: from the realization that a man has another, the fair sex is able to go into depression for a long time. What to do if the husband suddenly began to cheat? And how to survive the betrayal of her husband?

Often, men themselves cannot explain their act: as a rule, in this case, the husband’s betrayal occurs spontaneously. However, there are situations when there is a fact of treason committed purposefully.

When it is extremely difficult for a woman to survive the current situation on her own, the search for a psychologist will be quite useful. Timely assistance provided by a specialist contributes to a more rapid acquisition of peace of mind.

How do psychologists themselves explain the fact of male infidelity? According to the healers of human souls, there are 4 types of men who change.

Type 1 – “disappointed”: here the reason that prompts a man to adultery is the loss of love passion and ardor. This leads to a loss of sexual desire for a partner. As a result: a man takes a mistress, trying to prove his sexual abilities and re-experience the range of sensual, exciting experiences.

Type 2 includes men – “conquerors”. For such, another love victory is just a way of self-affirmation. With a constant desire to charm women’s souls, he demonstrates to everyone around him his superiority.

Type 3 is a man – a “fugitive”, who is weighed down by marital ties, which is why he tries to bring a sense of freedom into his life through love affairs.

And psychologists refer to the last type of men who are in search of the perfect woman. (Hence the name of the type – “perfect”). Attachment to a single woman is regarded by this type as an obstacle to the search for his female ideal.

A wise woman will be able to determine exactly what type her soul mate belongs to. Why is it required? First of all, in order to be able to prevent the occurrence of such a problem as treason. Tight control will not help here: psychologists recommend assessing the situation reasonably and rationally. Indeed, in many cases, both partners are to blame in this situation.

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