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5 different methods of contraception

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One of the biggest causes of abortion today is that people don’t know how to use the right methods of contraception. This is why unwanted pregnancies happen. One of the best ways to reduce abortion is to inform people about the proper use of contraceptives and why this is mandatory.

Using contraceptive methods allows a woman to decide when she wants to have a baby. It is one of the important methods of birth control. However, not all of these methods can stop STDs or STDs. Many contraceptive methods are available on the market today and new methods are being introduced from time to time. Some of them are as follows.

Use of condoms: in this method, the sperm does not enter the uterus. A few years ago, only male condoms were available. Not so long ago, female condoms appeared on the market. Condoms help cover the genitals and stop the flow of sperm into the uterus. This method, in addition to preventing pregnancy, protects against STDs.

Emergency contraceptive pills: ECPs are hormonal pills taken in doses as recommended by a doctor to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. They must be accepted during the specified time. Research is underway to create birth control pills for men that can reduce sperm production.

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Vasectomy: it is a surgical method. In this case, the right and left vas deferens are blocked or cut out. Since the sperm must pass through them, it will be stopped. Method designed to make a man infertile. Vasectomy is often not recommended as it is not always successful.

Spermicide: This is a chemical method that stops the movement of sperm towards the egg. Spermicides are available in various forms such as films, foams and creams. This is an effective method if used as intended. In some cases, spermicide causes irritation. The most common spermicide is Nanoxynol-9.

Intrauterine method: In this method, a T-shaped device is inserted into the uterus. This device prevents the egg from being fertilized by stopping the sperm. It can be used for a long time. However, you should consult your doctor before using intrauterine devices.

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