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Cottage inside and out

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Country real estate today is in no way inferior to urban. Moreover, in Perm, cottages have a number of advantages over apartments located both in residential areas and in the very center of the city. Choosing between urban and suburban real estate, an increasing number of people are carefully studying all the advantages and disadvantages, and, in the end, they prefer to buy a cottage or townhouse, a low-rise comfortable cottage with a small plot of land adjacent to it.

Country real estate in Perm today is in no way inferior to the city. Moreover, in Perm, cottages have a number of advantages over apartments located both in residential areas and in the very center of Perm. Выбирая между городской и загородной недвижимостью, все большее число жителей Перми внимательно изучают все достоинства и недостатки, и, в конечном итоге, предпочитают купить коттедж или таунхаус малоэтажный комфортабельный коттедж с прилегающим к нему небольшим земельным участком, неподалеку от Перми.

The level of comfort of a modern country cottage and the safety of living in an organized, guarded village meets the highest requirements for housing by today’s buyer. Cottage settlements are located in quiet and ecologically clean areas of Perm and the region with beautiful landscapes, which the happy owner of the cottage can admire every day. A country cottage is the right choice for those who value comfort and value their own health and the health of their loved ones.

The popularity of cottages in Perm is growing year by year. The choice in favor of suburban housing is now being made more and more often, which is quite natural. After all, modern cottages in Perm and the region are not only not inferior to urban Perm apartments in terms of comfort, but often surpass them.

Buying a country cottage near Perm is half the battle. In order to live in it with comfort, you need to make a lot of efforts to its external and internal improvement.

The external design of the facade of the cottage includes the decoration of the facade, laying of the roof, installation of windows. The roof of the cottage can be covered with a variety of materials. In. Perm and Subscribers are usually tiles, wood or metal, combined options are also possible. But it is worth remembering that in addition to aesthetic function, the roof is of greater practical significance, as it protects the cottage from the influence of the environment. Therefore, when choosing materials for the roof, it is necessary to take into account its design tilt of the rafters, slope.

The design of the facade and windows is a very important element of the exterior decoration of the country cottage. There is a wide variety of finishing materials for facing the external walls of the cottage: you can use both natural wood and stone, as well as artificial, winning in price and practically not inferior to them in quality.

Of course, you can not change anything in the exterior decoration of your country cottage, but after all, only those decorative elements that you choose yourself will give a unique style to your home.

The interior decoration of your home is also extremely important. When planning the interior design of a country cottage, it will not be superfluous to heed the advice of a specialist.

One of the most important characteristics of the comfort of your home is the right air conditioning and ventilation systems. Equally important for maintaining comfort inside the cottage are parameters such as the height of rooms and windows, the area of ​​​​their glazing. A well-designed layout of the premises inside the cottage is just as important for the convenience of the residents of the house. Do not forget that the location of the rooms in a country cottage and in a city apartment has significant differences.

Buying a country cottage and decorating it as you wish is a long, but undoubtedly pleasant process that will provide you with exactly the degree of comfort you are striving for.

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