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DIY windows tinting in the apartment. Removable toning

by California

Instructions for self -installation of the film

The tinting of the windows in the apartment for a long time was mistakenly believed that it was pathos and an extra window show. However, today many understand the benefits of tinting .

Window tinting is a very popular opportunity today to keep your privacy intact, get rid of excessive sunlight, and also protect the decorated surface of finishing materials from premature fading. And this is not a complete list of the useful properties of the tint film. After all, window tinting film can have completely different functions.

A popular type is athermal (energy-saving) film, which, while maintaining the light spectrum, almost completely protects the apartment from overheating in the hot season.  In addition to the ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering the apartment, the natural heat loss of the building is significantly reduced.

According to statistics, a special energy-saving film retains 30% more heat in the cold season, allowing you to reduce the cost of heating the room. In addition, it is an opportunity to protect yourself from harmful solar radiation and radiation, window tinting in an apartment helps to contain 80% of the excess light barrier, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the apartment.

Athermal film LLumar LE 50 (USA)

Color: silvery gold tone


visible light transmission: 50%

solar reflection: 57%

visible light reflectance: 27%

UV reflection: 99%

Athermal film LLumar AIR 80 (USA)

Colour: bluish tint


visible light transmission: 80%

solar reflection: 39%

visible light reflection: 9%

UV reflection: 99%

Benefits of tinted windows

Pasting of windows with tinted film is relevant on the lower floors of the building, as well as in apartments, the windows of which are located on the sunny side of the building. After all, the effect created by such a film allows you to completely hide your apartment from prying eyes.

A special mirror film copes with this task perfectly.  This tinting allows you to achieve the effect of reflection, completely eliminating the view of the room from the street. At the same time, the view from the apartment does not suffer in any way, you can watch what is happening, remaining completely invisible to passers-by. This characteristic allows you to give the building a presentable appearance, as well as create the window design that is closer to you.

The tint film allows you to exclude heavy curtains, blinds, rollers and other devices from the interior, the interior will become lighter and less deliberate. To create a harmonious external image of the building, you can choose from a huge number of shades of film. After all, a huge palette of colors is presented on the market today, for every taste – from conservative to the most incredible.

window tinting film

In fact, the tint film is a metallized polymer film coated with several layers of thin metal. Based on the required properties, the film can be sputter coated with titanium, aluminum or copper. The properties of metals determine the high soundproofing function of the film, the increase in the impact resistance of the pasted glass or the high heat capacity. You choose the functionality of the tint film based on the goals that you pursue in the first place.

Pasting windows with film in the apartment

So, you got acquainted with the possibilities and the main reasons for tinting windows in apartments.

Now a direct description of the procedure for pasting windows with tinting film.  Indeed, in order to create comfort and coziness in the house, using such a film, there is absolutely no need to call the master, you can do everything yourself.

After all, there is nothing complicated here, and the process can be divided into two points:

preparation of the window surface for tinting;

directly sticker film.

You will need the following tools:

Sharp clerical knife and roller;

Spray gun filled with soapy water – Rubber spatula;

Window Tinting Film.

The first step is surface preparation. The window must be thoroughly washed with a sponge and detergent (the alcohol content in the solution is not excluded, this will help to degrease the surface if necessary); for better results, it is better to use an additional glass scraper, it will remove invisible soot and other stubborn dirt. Let the glass dry and wipe with a dry soft cloth.

The second stage – film preparation. Carry out a thorough measurement of the window, duplicate the resulting size on the film, to do this, spread the roll on a hard, flat surface and use a clerical knife. Tip – it’s better to leave a couple of centimeters in reserve on all sides, you can always cut them.

The third stage – spray the soap solution on the window, remove the excess with a rubber spatula – the window surface is ready for pasting.

The fourth stage – remove the protective layer from the film, and moisten the adhesive surface with the prepared soap solution. This procedure will eliminate involuntary gluing of the film to the window surface, you will be in full control of the process.

Step Five – Gently place the tint film on top of the glass and smooth with your hands. In order to avoid wrinkles and streaks, use a rubber spatula, smoothing the film from the center to the edges.

If necessary, carefully remove the protruding edges of the film with a utility knife.

In order for the result to be perfect, apply a soapy solution to the film and expel air bubbles and excess water with a soft roller, also carefully work the edges of the film.

Removable window tinting do-it-yourself

Removable window tinting is a relatively new technology for applying a film to the glass surface.

The main feature of removable tinting is the ability to repeatedly remove and stick the tint film without losing its properties.

This film is very plastic and resistant to bending, which greatly facilitates the work associated with installation.

Video of installation of a tint film

Now, you can easily perform window tinting yourself, the main thing is to be careful and patient.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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