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DVR – Street Storm CVR – 3100GPS

by California

Recommended price: 15 900 p.

Class: Absolute

Functional equipment

CVR-3100GPS consists of a distribution block that can be installed in any secluded place, and the block itself with cameras. To fix the situation in front of the car, a camera with a viewing angle of 120 degrees is provided, this is quite enough to capture the front corners of the car. But all registrars have this, but then the features begin, which in a different situation can become decisive.

Firstly, this is an additional camera aimed at the salon, with a viewing angle of 170 degrees. Secondly, the GPS module. During operation, it fixes the coordinates, and when transferring files to the computer, it is attached to Google Maps. Thirdly, the so-called G-sensor is built into the recorder. In the event of, for example, a strike, the registrar captures everything that falls into his field of vision. In addition to this, there is also a remote button for emergency recording.

CVR – 3100GPS does not contain its own LCD screen, there is only a small character screen next to the interior camera, which displays information about the current state of the recorder, time and vehicle speed. However, if necessary, it can

connect to any multimedia head or navigator with AV input. This is undoubtedly more convenient than looking at a picture half the size of a matchbox. For such cases, the kit comes with a small IR remote control and a remote IR eye, so you don’t have to reach for the camera buttons.

The convenience of managing this recorder should be especially noted – no additional manipulations, for example, to capture a moment or watch a video, do not have to be done, all control is always at hand.


Recording is carried out with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Some of the “no name” registrars sometimes declare a higher resolution, however, as practice shows, most often it turns out to be just a formality, and the image is shamelessly blurred. The picture given by CVR – 3100GPS is quite honest and it is enough to easily read, for example, the number plate of the car in front. This was also reflected in the requirements for a memory card – you will have to use an SD card of at least speed class 4. The sensitivity of the front camera is quite enough not only for daylight, but also for normal night shooting. IR-illumination is intended for night interior recording.

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