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Lexus RC F Revealed at the Detroit Motor Show.

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Lexus RC F Revealed at the Detroit Motor Show

From the previous version, the new Lexus RC F coupe features an aggressive body design with improved aerodynamic qualities. The designers of the Japanese concern carried out a radical restyling of the brand, focusing on deep lines of complex shape in the appearance of the two-door body. The proportions of the radiator grille have also been changed, now it has become wider and moved down. The sports car has updated the front bumper, fenders, door sills and got 19-inch wheels.

In the cabin of the Lexus RC F, new sports seats appeared, the changes affected the dashboard and metal pedals, and the F badge on the steering wheel also appeared.

In pursuit of speed, designers are capable of anything. So the Lexus RC F received, in addition to the basic package, a lightweight carbon roof package with an active rear spoiler designed to improve the aerodynamics of the sports car.

The changes affected not only the appearance and aerodynamics. All-new Lexus RC F 5-litre petrol engine with over 450 horsepower.With. waiting for future owners under the hood of this sports car.

Acceleration to 100 km / h occurs in 4.6 seconds., while the maximum speed of the Lexus RC F reaches, according to the announcement, 270 km / h. New 8-speed Sports Direct Shift completes the Japanese-inspired look.

In addition, the RC F has a new sports suspension with Torque Vectoring Differential, which is becoming increasingly popular among 4×4 manufacturers. Movement correction occurs in three operating modes: Standard, Slalom and Track.

The cost of the new Lexus sports car, as well as the start date of sales, are kept secret by the Japanese manufacturer.

It is worth recalling that the first presentation of the new RC coupe took place at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. The Lexus RC F is being redesigned as part of the Lexus brand-wide makeover that has already affected the GS and IS models.

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