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Comfortable suburban home

by California

How nice it is to sit with friends in nature, relax, breathe clean air, forget about the bustle of the city. Of course, all this is available to you if you are the owner of a country house.

It is here that your unique dreams and desires came true, everything is made for a comfortable stay and personally.

PVC plastic windows you have installed anti-burglary, made to order. Doors – also reinforced, and besides, fireproof, which is important in the presence of electric heating. And besides, the fireplace causes concern, despite the fact that it is located like a door from a door where there are no drafts.

Certainly, any house is a display of the lifestyle and taste of its owners. For example, a staircase, being a multifunctional detail of the house, can become a chic part of the interior, will turn your house into a fabulous palace. Thanks to fairy tales, we know that the most reliable, beautiful and strong house is from brick. Perhaps that is why most of the suburban houses are built of this material.

But a beautiful gazebo made of wood on your suburban area will help to hide from other eyes or conduct a conversation with friends, arrange a picnic. Well, and, of course, every owner of a country house also thinks about the construction of his own pool. How nice in the summer heat to plunge with friends in his coolness.

Features of a wooden suburban house

If an inhabitant of a large city has a desire to move out of town, where nature is closer and the air is cleaner, then in most cases the question is very true: “Which house is better to build or buy: wood or brick? What housing will be more reliable and immediately cheaper?».

We will try to answer this question now, based on the views of construction professionals. If we compare all the advantages of brick and wood houses, then wood, as a building material, is far ahead of other materials in everything.

Perhaps the most fundamental “plus” of a tree house will be its environmental friendliness. A wooden house, as the builders say, breathes and lives its own special life. If you move into a brick house, you will not feel anything apart from the cold of the walls. And in the case of a tree house, even if it does not have decoration and furniture, everywhere, in every corner it will breathe the smell of warmth, coziness and comfort.

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