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Profiled steel sheets have been in demand for roofing for a long time. At the same time, the same, for example, c10 corrugated board constantly acquired ever higher performance characteristics, today this material can be safely called one of the highest quality roofing. The improvement of its properties, as well as a significant extension of the service life of corrugated board is due to advanced high technologies, which are being introduced deeper and deeper into the production of building materials. For example, the emergence of the latest special equipment for the production, as well as the creation of synthetic materials used as a protection for steel sheet.

Roofing profiled sheet today is a high-tech product that continuously competes with metal tiles, which have won worldwide consumer recognition due to good performance properties, as well as good appearance. Modern roofing corrugated board, as production develops, is not inferior to metal tiles at all, even in terms of aesthetic indicators. The use of the latest technologies and the constant expansion of the list of compositions used in the production of profiled sheets have significantly expanded the range of available shades, sizes and shapes of this material.

In the modern market of building and roofing materials, roofing profiled sheets are presented in dozens of shades, providing an excellent opportunity to implement various interesting ideas of designers regarding the design of houses and buildings. In addition, manufacturers will offer you various shapes of profiles – these are trapezoidal, and rectangular, even rounded. To meet almost all the needs of current customers, corrugated roofing is available in sizes from 0.5 to 12 meters.

The fundamental difference between corrugated roofing and other types is its characteristic higher strength, which is ensured by the presence of stiffeners, as well as a profile with a height of more than 2 cm. Thanks to the capillary grooves that complement any roofing corrugated board, this material prevents the penetration of liquid into the space under the roof. This principle is a bit like the production of metal tiles. The roofing profiled sheet is not subject to mechanical stress, it also has a very high strength and bending. At the same time, this material weighs very little (about 5-8 kg / 1 sq. m), which greatly facilitates the installation, as well as the transportation of this material. The most commonly used brands of roofing sheet are:

HC35 is a well-known universal material, equally successfully used for both roofing and exterior wall decoration;

NS44 – due to the greater height of the profile, it has greater rigidity, although in form it actually repeats NS35;

Corrugated board C10;



As material, steel is durable, but little resistant to external influences. She constantly needs especially effective protection, which is provided by zinc or polymer coating. Thanks to the characteristic properties of zinc, the processed corrosion is completely not subjected to corrosion, but polymer coatings, depending on their composition, will protect the profileist from burning in the sun, from the influence of active chemical elements, as well as mechanical effects.

The following polymers are used in the production of roofing profiled sheet: plasticizol, polyester, as well as polyvinylfluvetoride and purple. The processing of a steel sheet with these polymer compositions requires significant additional expenses for production, as a result of which the price increases. But, taking into account the long service life, all unplanned expenses are paid off during the first years of operation.

A profiled sheet, manufactured under standard factory conditions, protected with a polymer coating, will be a reliable barrier to any precipitation, strong heavy wind, critical temperatures for many decades, creating a cozy and safe indoor environment.

Today, roofing corrugated board is constantly used on the roofs of any buildings, both industrial and exclusively residential. Most often, roof spans with a significant area are covered with profiled sheets, where profiled sheets are securely fixed to the crate. Thanks to a wide choice of colors, as well as significantly improved performance characteristics, roofing profiled sheet is gaining great popularity also in individual construction – namely, as a roof covering for luxury country houses, cottages.

Still, the production of metal tiles is a very expensive pleasure, while the material itself is in no way superior to corrugated board. Of course, it is also in demand in urban construction – canopies and awnings, as well as roofs for small trade pavilions, made of corrugated board are constantly found in any city. Unpretentious, not requiring constant maintenance, but durable and very reliable, the roofing profiled sheet actually finds a new field of application every day.

One of the distinctive positive properties of corrugated board is its complete fire safety – made from rolled metal, corrugated board is not at all afraid of fire and can even be safely used to cover the roof at gas stations, in warehouses where flammable and combustible substances are stored.

Due to its low weight, as well as ease of transportation, ease of installation, C10 corrugated board, as well as its other types, can significantly speed up construction, whether it is the construction of regular industrial facilities or residential buildings.

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