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Sweater is a cardigan

by California

Cardigan is the so -called sweater with a V – a figurative neckline made of sheep or camel wool. As a rule, its standard length reaches the knees. But it used to be so, in its classic version, but now it is such a common thing that it has undergone many changes and now you can buy a cardigan of different styles and cuts, and thinner materials, such as cotton, viscose, are also used for sewing them. silk and others.

So, let’s get acquainted with the history of the emergence of this wonderful wardrobe item. In the 9th century, only fishermen in the northern seas wore a cardigan-like sweater. Due to the harsh climate, they were so insulated. After eight centuries, the villagers also began to wear them, as they were warm and comfortable. But no one gave the name to this clothing until 1854. During the Crimean War, General James Cardigan dressed his army in such clothes that it would be warmer for the British to fight Russia in the cold season of rock. The general in his homeland was considered a kind of dandy, so all the nobles began to repeat after him, and thus the cardigan spread among the nobility. But still it was only a man’s attire. Until in 1918, Coco Chanel was the first to create a women’s suit: a skirt and a cardigan-like jacket. All women were delighted with the given model. The peak of the glory of this novelty among women falls on the 50s and until today. If your business is related to women’s clothing, then all the benefits of trading in cardinals are obvious. When it’s cool outside, but you still don’t want to wear a heavy coat, then a cardigan made of warm, but not heavy fabric is the best fit. Wholesale women’s cardigans are sold here. Its advantages are that now designers have come up with a varied number of its styles. The sporty cardigan has a drawstring hood, the casl style is looser, simple and goes with any outfit. If the cardigan is sewn in a classic manner, it can be combined with a business style and worn with classic skirts, trousers and even a suit.

I would like to note that the cardigan should be an integral part of both women’s and men’s wardrobe. Because of its practicality, it can be worn all four seasons and combined with anything. In it you will feel beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

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