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Tours in Larissa, Greece

by California

Greece is such a beautiful and interesting country that you can go there at any time, and not only at the peak of the season. Moreover, it is during the “off season” that you can buy cheap tours to Greece, the cost of which is significantly lower than usual, and the level of service is much higher, since it is clear: the fewer tourists come, the more actively they are served by the staff of travel agencies, air carriers, hotels.

There is a city in Greece, which is translated from ancient Greek as “seagull”. This is Larisa, the largest city in Thessaly. It is here that you can come at any time of the year, as excellent conditions have been created here not only for a beach holiday, but also for an educational holiday. Despite the fact that there are many modern buildings in the city, there are many old mansions, ancient fountains, quarters that have preserved the architectural heritage of both the Byzantine and Ottoman periods of history. There are unique attractions near Larisa. No less admirable is the picturesque nature that surrounds the city.

By European standards, Larisa is a small city and, like many Czech cities, successfully combines original traditions, history and bright modern motifs. There is a wide range of places to stay here. If you wish to live with the highest level of comfort, luxurious and, of course, not the cheapest hotels are at your service. If you want to get “simple but tasteful”, you can rent an inexpensive but clean hotel.

Of course, you can find a relatively inexpensive vacation in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and other countries, if you do not want to go to Greece or want to relax at the beach resorts. Larisa – a city, as if specially created for shopping. The largest shopping centers of the city, such as Pantheon Plaza, Mediamarkt and Fokas, are visited by tens of thousands of people a day. However, smaller shops are not without work and without income from generous tourists.

Local cuisine, concentrated in taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars – this is almost a separate topic of staying here. It is unlikely that anyone will leave here without trying traditional Greek salads and delicious grilled meat. Souvenirs, as well as fruits, Greek cheese, olive oil, without which it is difficult to imagine a table in a Greek family, can be purchased in the shopping district of the city, which is an attraction in itself.

Another topic, without which it is simply impossible to imagine Larisa, is the beaches located a few kilometers from the city. The best beach marked by the “blue flag” of the European Commission is called- Agiokampos. This sandy beach is a great place to relax on the water.

As you know, Larisa is the birthplace of the most famous physician in the world, Hippocrates and the mythological hero Achilles. Among the most important sights of this year are the Acropolis, as well as the ruins of the ancient Greek theater. Among the museums of Larissa, the Art Gallery is especially appreciated, which contains a unique collection of works by contemporary Greek artists, as well as the Archaeological Museum, located in the mosque, and has a significant collection of Paleolithic objects.

Larisa is also remarkable for the fact that Mount Olympus is located next to it, where the temple of Zeus and the temple of Apollo are located, as well as the famous Meteora – rock formations, on the tops of which ancient monasteries are located.

By the way, this season you can travel inexpensively not only to Greece, but also to France. Any burning tickets to France can also be purchased from your tour operators. If you manage to visit both Greece and France this year, it will be absolutely wonderful. After all, these two wonderful countries are completely different from each other, and have their own special advantages.

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