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ZAZ Chance car

by California

Since 2009, the Chance car has appeared on the automotive market, it is a front-wheel drive five-seater sedan developed by Ukrainian and Korean specialists, with a manual transmission. Produced at the Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant.

The body of this car is quite durable. Its individual parts are protected by zinc or zinc-nickel coating, which makes them stronger.

Car handles great on the road. With the development of a fairly high speed, the sound of the engine is almost inaudible in the cabin, which allows its passengers to ride in complete comfort. A comfortable and quite roomy interior is also equipped for passengers.

As far as emissions, Chance meets the environmental standard. It is equipped with central locking, airbag, front power windows, power steering, air conditioning, some models have fog lights. Only depending on the type of car, the equipment may be slightly different. Naturally, the more complete the set, the more expensive the price of the car.

The advantages of this car are that it is not very large compared to cars of its class, maneuverable. The climate control works great in the car. It’s never cold in winter. Plus, an inexpensive price, a lot of literature on this car model. Therefore, if desired, any car owner can climb in his car and eliminate any malfunction.

Naturally, as elsewhere in it there are shortcomings. For example, such as long heating of the gearbox. In cold weather on the street, the car must be warm for quite some time so that the box begins to work without crunch and cod. Also, the new cars have a frequent problem with locks on the trunk, of course they are changed under warranty, but still this is a big minus. Many people believe that the chance is not comfortable rear doors, there is no refutation of this. Noise insulation also leaves much to be desired.

In general, the opinions of car owners of a chance are very strong. Someone is delighted with their vehicles, someone, on the contrary, is in shock that he agreed to buy this model. Very many complain about the small engine power.

In short, people do not advise purchasing this ZAZ invention, many regret the purchase, but refer to the fact that for such money (its cost is about 200 thousand rubles) it is better not to purchase and they have to drive such a car, investing everything in repairs every time more and more.

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