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1 year old child. What to gift

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turned 1 year old

1 year of the child or the first anniversary of the birth of your child is a very joyful and significant date. An event like this needs to be well prepared.

First you need to determine how you want to note this long -awaited event. Will it be a family dinner or will you invite your friends with their children. Or maybe you want to spend this day in some entertainment center, delighting your baby.

If you decide to celebrate the holiday in the company of your relatives and friends, be sure to send bright colorful invitations to everyone.

An invariable attribute of a children’s birthday is a cake with candles. A birthday cake can be baked at home or ordered in a pastry shop.

Balloons will add color and joyful mood to the holiday. Both your child and other children will be delighted with colorful beautiful balloons.

Gifts are also a symbol of any birthday.

What to give a child who is 1 year old?

Of course, on the first birthday of a child, it is difficult to choose a gift, since the baby is still too small to have any preferences. But, nevertheless, you can choose a gift to which the child will be glad in any case.

And if guests are interested in advance about which gift is better to choose, you can offer them several options:

Jewelry. It can be bracelets, chains, pendants. Such gifts are usually made by very close people. Perhaps a one-year-old child will not appreciate such a gift properly, but in the future, when the baby grows up, this gift will become a very memorable and favorite thing for him, which he will wear with great pleasure!

clothing. As you know, children grow up very quickly, and things that were just a few months ago for your child are already small for him. And parents will certainly be happy with the new thing for their baby.

An excellent gift would be colorful clothes made of quality material and beautifully packaged.

Books are a gift that has been valued at all times. Choose a book for your baby that will not cease to be interesting for him. These can be various encyclopedias, anthologies, old and modern fairy tales with the participation of your favorite characters.

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